Dr. Hyman

Dr. Hyman received his Ph.D. in psychology from Boston University with Dr. Michael Hasselmo. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Jeremy Seamans at the University of British Columbia, he started his own lab at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Dr. Hyman’s research utilizes massive multi-site electrophysiological recordings while animals perform behavioral tasks to understand how memory and cognition work. His lab focuses on how information is encoded in the anterior cingulate cortex and hippocampus, and how these two vital parts of our memory system interact to enable behavioral adaptations, cognitive control, cognitive flexibility, and decision making. He is particularly interested in disease states, such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and schizophrenia, and how these divergent problems affect cognition and memory.

Contact Dr. Hyman at james.hyman@unlv.edu

Research Experience

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Department of Psychology

Associate Professor

Since 2014

University of British Columbia - Vancouver

Faculty of Medicine

Post Doctoral Fellow

Jul 2007 – Jul 2014

Boston University

Department of Psychology

PhD Student

Sep 2000 – May 2007

Virginia Commonwealth University

Department of Pharmacology and


Research Assistant

Aug 1997 – Aug 1998