Hyman in vivo Electrophysiology Lab

About the Hive Lab


The HivE Lab utilizes in vivo electrophysiological recording techniques along with genetic, metabolic, and behavioral manipulations to understand how information about contexts, memory, and reward are computed in and between different brain areas. Our aim is to understand how these functions occur in healthy individuals, so we can eventually help to relieve suffering when problems with such information processing occur such as in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.

Working in the Lab

If you’re interested in neuroscience and have a passion for research, then The HivE Lab is perfect for you. The lab offers a lot of different internship options for prospective students.

To join the lab, email Dr. Hyman at


Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. 

Volunteering at Schools

At the HivE Lab, we believe in creating a lasting impact through educating the community. We partner with the Dana Foundation and their Brain Awareness Campaign. We organize hands-on activities for children of all ages to get them excited about the brain and neuroscience.

To have us visit your school, email Dr. Hyman at